This is my last week at Mutually Human. On Friday I will say goodbye to all my friends and one last time walk out the glass door I helped install.

I’ve learned more over the past four and half years than I ever could have imagined. There have been incredible successes and unfortunate failures. Team members have come and gone, we won big accounts, and struggled through lean times. We laughed together, and cried a few times too.

In the end we accomplished small things and great things. We got a phone line, installed white boards, built a library, established an 8,500 square foot maker space, founded Human Ventures (our investment arm) and made a number of investments. We created a great hiring and on-boarding process, and thought deeply about what it means to build a great software company. As we began to put many of those thoughts into action we doubled the size of the company by head-count, revenue, profit, and locations.

I am sad to leave the company I’ve called home. I’m excited for them too. As I leave, Mutually Human is a stronger company than when I joined. They are in great hands with Mark, Zach, and now Gina and Mike. The management team is more mature, the projects are larger and run better than ever, and the team is growing—in expertise, experience, and size.

I am excited to see how they continue to grow, learn, and improve people’s lives with great software.

Three weeks from today I will also leave the city I’ve called home. I will step on a plane from Grand Rapids’ wonderfully small airport and move to a new city, a new job, and a new adventure.

Grand Rapids has been amazing. I’ve enjoyed everyone I’ve met through my work with our chapter of the Interaction Design Association, WMCAT, Kendall College, the Grand Rapids Public Schools, the Grand Rapids Art Museum and more.

Grand Rapids has a thriving design community—one that outpaces many cities twice it’s size. And I have been honored to be a part of it. I know you all will continue to do amazing work and I will remain a booster no matter where I land.

Three weeks from Monday I will walk through the doors of a well- established software company in San Francisco called Pivotal Labs. I will join their team as an Associate Director and with that I will begin my next chapter.

I’m sure this next chapter will be full as full of learning as the last. I’d love to share the journey with you. If you’re interested in joining me, subscribe to my newsletter.

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