Communication & Process

A while back I wrote a talk on the importance of process as a communication tool. At one point during the writing I decided to try my hand at Aesop’s style. It was a fun exercise and I was relatively proud of the result. For what it’s worth here is what I came up with.

The Two Weavers

Weaver Bird and Nest

Once a small weaver bird asked another to help him in building the family nest. The second weaver bird agreed and was put straight to work. He flew off and found a twig for the nest. 

“No, not there,” said the first weaver bird. So he left his twig and found some twine. “No, not yet,” said the first weaver bird. So he scrounged for some mud and began to spread it. “No, not like that,” said the first weaver bird.

So, the second weaver bird flew off and sat on a nearby phone line and watched as the first bird went on busily building. After a little while the first bird noticed the second was no longer participating and flew over to ask him what he was doing. ”I’m learning your way,” replied the second bird.

You must share the way before you share your work.